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You know

Your love hasn't a face
Your love hasn't a name
But you know somewhere it lives
And the roads of life will bring it to you

You don't know who to call
You don't know what to say
But you feel something inside you
It provides you the faith you need

The sky is so gray now
But you know the sun will shine again
The world seems so empty now
But you know the blow of love will touch you again

The storms are falling over you
Trying to suffocate your believings
But you can hear some whisperings
Coming from the deep of your soul

You thought to blame the world
You thought to blame the time
You don't know it's nobody's fault
Love is so fragile like a candle in the wind

You feel so lonely now
But you know you'll smile again
Don't make yourself down
Because I know someday you'll find the one you seek

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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