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Down the glass

There's a man walking slowly outside
There's a burning heart behind a closed door
There are broken feelings in the middle of the way
And some drops of tears slipping down the window glass

There was something in their way to paradise
Their poor souls don't know what it was
They're trapped inside their own fear to love
Separating themselves with no clear reason for

There were things he wanted to tell her
But he simply didn't know how
If he did everything he could, he doesn't know
Now he feels the world collapsing on his shoulders

She stays paralysed hearing her breath
Wanting her mind to stop her heart
Because there's nothing else she want to do now
Nothing that can undo her mistakes

He goes home shaking his head
Seeking the understanding he can't find
The phone is a mute object beside his bed
Is love something nobody can control anymore?

She sees the true love going away
Like the drops slipping down the glass
He walks away from that one he loved
Leaving the nicest part of himself behind

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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