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The southern gate

The southern gate has fallen
Enemy lines move on between corpses
With blood in my throat I prepare myself

My sword is my life
My shield is my fortress
My horse is my lone company

I hear screams echoing
Behind the curtain of smoke and fire
There it's my destiny, death or glory

My sword is my god
My shield is my faith
My horse is my church

The one I loved is dead
She lies in my arms, eyes wide shut
I have nothing else to lose now

My sword is broken, (but I still have my hands)
My shield is cracked, (but I still have my faith)
My horse no longer breathes. (but I still can walk)

I'm the last knight
And I still have hope inside my heart
I can't win this battle, but I'll keep my honor

© 2003 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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