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The garden of eternal lovers

There'll be a time our souls shall rest
and all we were shall be reduced to cold names on a grave
A time I shall not feel your heart beating
and you shall not hold my hand

There'll be a time the rain shall not fall
and the wind shall not blow your hair at sunset
A time stars shall not light our path
And you shall not smile to me

There'll be a time I shall not sing you a love song
and our voices shall not be heard
A time sand shall cover our memories
and you shall not sleep on my lap

There'll be a time we shall not feel warm at night
and the darkness shall fall upon us
A time hours shall have no meaning
and you shall not welcome me back home

There'll be a time everything shall end
But I'm not afraid of this time to come
I know love shall lead us through the chaos

In the garden of eternal lovers we shall stand

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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