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Talk to me

Talk to me
I've lost my creed
But, even in the mist of sin and skepticism,
I know I can be rescued
My faith is an outstretched thin line
which gets weaker and weaker
But it can be restored
Just talk to me

Talk to me
Why so much suffer?
The burden becomes heavier every day
I can't figure out a reason for all of this
But I can still believe you
Just talk to me

Talk to me
I don't demand a clear sign
Just a glimpse of Your presence will be enough
I don't need an entire word, just a letter
I may be walking through the darkest regions of knowledge
Learnig all the atrocities men have done in name of You
But I can't deny You
I can't blame You for my lack of faith
For this unfair world we have built
It's not Your fault
So, just talk to me

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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