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A missile trail crosses the sky
The ground shakes underneath us
The strongest walls crack down
We run among complete hysteria

Stay with me

Chaos is everywhere around us
Despair overruns any sense of humanity
A dense smoke cloud approaches westwards
bringing the merciless blow of death

Give me your hand

There's no shelter left to protect us
We feel the melting of our bones
Laid on the ground we slowly pass away
My hands try to reach you one last time

Do not leave me

The lethal symphony ends up
My eyes are shut and my lungs empty
Thousands of lives were taken away
But somehow I can still feel you

Please, hear me

I'm no longer feeling pain
Just a warm sensation of tranquillity
Coming from your relieving spirit
The war has destroyed everything around
But it doesn't matter anymore

Love has saved us

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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