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Out there

Eyes wide shut
Waiting for the sun to rise again
Hands lying on the ground
Waiting for someone else's touch
But, will there be anyone out there?

A name in a sheet
Waiting for someone to read it
A fading picture on the wall
Waiting for the smiles that have gone
But, will there be a smile out there?

A hopeless face
Waiting for a return will never come
An empty room
Waiting, waiting, waiting...
But, will there be anyone out there?

An old song playing
Waiting for a soul to listen to it
A lonely broken heart
Waiting for the moment to love again
But, will there be love out there?

Will we be saved from loneliness?
Will we be saved from pain?
Will we believe in love again?
Or is there nothing else out there?
Inside ourselves?

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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