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Nobody knows when the night will fall apart
when the stars will not shine
when the love will come to town
when the sun will darken away

If you hear a cry late at night
And feel your heart shrinking down
Know I won't be there
Know I won't be here
'cause nobody really knows what's pain, but me

Nobody knows when the end will come
when passion will cease
when I will call your name again
when my heart will bleed for you

If you see a lonely guy at night
And feel his sorrow inside you
Know I won't be that one
Know I won't be alone
'cause nobody really knows who I am, but me

If you want to call me someday
And feel your hands like trying to reach me
Know I won't be the same
Know I can't take the blame
'cause nobody really knows what's love, but me

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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