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My home

Maybe your heart could be my home
When I'm afraid
Maybe your love could be my shelter
When I feel alone

Can you hold my hands at night
If I fall on my knees?
Can you say me comforting words
If I lost my faith?

I promise I'll be your knight
Every night you need
I promise I'll be your fortress
Every time you weep

Can you show me the way at night
If I get blind?
Can you heal all my wounds
If I cut myself?

Shall your shoulders rest my head
When I feel tired?
Shall your hands give me water
When I feel thirsty?

Can you guard me at night
If I get lost?
Can you warm me in the cold rain
If I cannot walk?

Can you believe in me for real
Even after I've given up?
Can you raise me again
And take me home?

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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