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Invisible things

It's not only the physical distance that keeps us apart
There's an invisible river of despised feeling inbetween
A river you cannot cross
because you know you can't swim through your own guilty mind

It's not only the empty streets that keep us apart
There's an invisible wall of unspoken words inbetween
A wall you cannot climb up
because you know your hands are tied to your sense of pride

It's not only the silent telephone that keeps us apart
There's an invisible door of bitter memories inbetween
A door you cannot open
because you know your steps shall never lead you to this place
where love was utterly forgotten

Those invisible things are all that remained
All you've created
and all you can't destroy
Aching you in the deep of your heart
Continuously blaming you in your mind

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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