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I'd like to have my innocence back and believe again...

That pain is a passing sensation and not a enduring mark
That lies can't make us suffer and torn lives apart
That people can be happy and live in peace
That the reason is what I should follow, not the passion
That happiness can be easily reached by anyone
That my heart can be ignored in whichever situation
That love can be perfect and harmless

I'd like to have my innocence back and dream again...

That I'll not doubt about who I really am
That I'll be a man who never makes mistakes
That I'll not allow my fears to affect who I care
That I'll not fail when others do
That I'll not feel weak if I have nobody by my side
That I'll not be afraid to say what is inside my heart
That I'll find the one I need without getting hurt

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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