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Since I've lost you I've been nothing but a wraith
My heart has lost its roots and has darkened away
An unmeasurable pain keeps hurting me from the inside
I don't know how I can stand such suffering
when the ties that held me were cut off

Everyone else's smile burns me like a sting
Happiness doesn't find a fertile soil in me
It just fades away into the void that I've created
Indifference has spread its long arms around me
The candle was blown away and I'm standing still

The sorrow is renewed at every thought of you
and cannot be eased even by the slow march of time
I've been completely broken and I can't be mended
I'm a set of misjointed pieces of disappointment
Since I've awakened I know I can no longer dream

I lie here in my emptiness
Where you've left me
I lie here in my emptiness
The place I've chosen
I'm better empty than hurt

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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