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Down there

You keep screaming down there
In the unquiet valley of solitude
Hoping someone can hear your laments
and save you from yourself
But no one hears

How loud can you scream?

You keep dreaming down there
Waiting for the one who shall make you
taste the delightful flavors of passion
and set you free from sadness
But no one comes

How long can you wait?

You keep walking down there
In the dead-end street of illusions
Looking for the one who shall guide you
and take you away from darkness
But no one shows

How far can you walk?

You keep believing down there
In the maze you've never meant to be in
Trusting someone can find you out
And release you from your prison
But no one appears

How strong is your faith?

Can't you get out of there by yourself?
Can't you see people don't care?
Can't you realize your self pity is burying you alive?
Down there is you

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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