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I've chosen darkness as my whereabout
A place fear doesn't have a visible face
Where I can't perceive shadows following my track
And can't see those sinister fingers ripping my skin

I've chosen darkness as my last refuge
A place the cold and the rain never stop
Where I hear disturbing whispers from somewhere rotten
And feel the silent touch of madness slowly taking me over

I've chosen darkness as my secret place
A place nobody will be able to find me out
Where pain and sorrow will be diluted in complete dark
And memories will fade out, swallowed by fierce isolation

I've chosen darkness as my final stop
A place faith can't be restored with words
Where eyes of angels burn and hearts of demons freeze
And souls roam aimlessly unbound to any kind of creed

I've chosen darkness since light was denied to me

© 2004 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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