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My deteriorated wings lay over the filthy ground
My back bleeds and pours my celestial essence away
I can no longer contemplate the sky above
I was abandoned on

Now, I'm changed
Don't call me angel anymore

The first shards of crude darkness rip my skin
The light that once surrounded me has faded to black
My eyes no longer seek the heavenly paths
I was mutilated

Now, I'm changed
Don't pray for me anymore

The noises of the real world break into my mind
I'm not able to listen anything rational right now
This primal wrath has disturbed me
I have fallen

Now, I'm changed
Don't believe me anymore

Why should I be perfect?
Why can't I fail?
Why couldn't I just be human?

Silence is not the answer I seek

© 2007 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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