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Where are you?

I could give you the heaven
If in a moment I could have you in my arms
I will open my heart to you
If in a moment I could know where you are

I've looked for you everyday
With my mind full of words that I want to say
I know that you might be somewhere
Because I can feel your presence inside my soul

Love, where are you now?
I just want to share with you
All the feelings I've kept inside.
But you never come to me

I want to slip my fingers down your face
And let my lips touch your sweet mouth

Be my angel when I'd be needing love
Be my sheperd when I'd be needing faith

Take a quick look at me and make me happy
Say a simple word and heal my wounds
Let me see your smile and I can do everything
Kiss me softly and I will never make you cry again

So let me dance with you below the moonlight
And I'll sing you a love song whilst the sun rises

Say nice things to me while the wind blows your hair
And I'll ask to Lord to prevent time from running away

So I just ask you to let me have you just one time
Let me love you and I know I could calm
The storm that dwells in the depths of your soul
That enslaves your mind and silences your heart

© 2007 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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