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I ask the sun to go away
so I can breath again and forget my pain
I ask the stars not to shine
so I can erase from my memory the brightness of you eye
I ask the night not to end
so I can see you once again in my dreams
The only place you seem to be real

I send a prayer to the angels asking them to bring you home tonight
But I know that doesn't matter how hard I wish
you won't stay by my side
you don't belong to me, although my heart is yours
you haven't loved me the way I have
you haven't felt me the way I have
and now my soul is empty because I've lost the fire of your love

I figured out you've never been here anyway
So I dry away my tears and try to stand up again
You took away my love,
You took away my heart
You took away my soul

There's no reason asking anything else now

© 2007 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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