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You're my missing star
The light for my once-darkened road
The sweet dawn of my passion

You're the words I couldn't write
The meaning for all my verses
The rhyme for my dissonant heart

You're the one I've been looking for
The answers for the questions I haven't asked
The relief for my weary mind

You're the flower that blossoms
The color that paints my dreams
The perfume that leads me home

You're the calm river that flows
The stream that carries my fears away
The waters that cease my thirsty

You're the wind that blows
The air my lungs need to breathe
The breeze that touch me at sunset

You're the song I couldn't listen to
The lyrics I couldn't sing
The feeling I couldn't feel

You're the place where I find peace
The shelter where I can rest
My hideaway when I feel blue

You're all I need
Let me be the same for you

© 2005 Eduardo Magela Rodrigues

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