how deep can words delve?


My name is Eduardo and here you can read my poems. I'm a specialist in Software Engineering, who happens to be major in Languages by the Faculty of Pará de Minas.

Besides that, I'm also a writer and Poetry is the way through which I try to express how I sense the world. I'm quite aware that attempting to describe feelings through words is such a hard task, but that's what I dare to do with my poems.

Although the very majority of my texts may look gloomy, I like to think of the world as an unique place and life as an amazing experience. I'd like you to read my poems, and share your opinions with me and the members of your social networks.

I hope you enjoy your reading!

 Back to the bottom
 Behind the door
 Black walls
 Broken inside
 Call me home
 Changing waters
 Dawn of the dead
 Disparities (the dark ones)
 Disparities (the light ones)
 Do not
 Down the glass
 Down there
 Dry flowers
 Dusk delirium
 Echoes from the forest
 Even angels fall
 Far away
 Five minutes
 Here comes
 Here I am
 Hunter of gods
 I am
 I can't
 I don't want to be saved
 I haven't loved
 I want
 I wish you could
 I'll stay there
 I'm still here
 I've ever wanted
 If you stay
 Invisible things
 It rains
 It's never easy
 Just tonight
 Lake of sorrow
 Last breath
 Live for now
 Lost voices
 Love angel
 Love letter
 Mine and yours
 My home
 My unknown love
 My within abyss
 Needing you
 No turning back
 No words
 One day
 One face
 One moment
 Out there
 Protective field
 Realm of shadows
 So many times
 Something is wrong
 Soul words
 Talk to me
 The cure
 The end of my world
 The garden of eternal lovers
 The hidden Truth
 The last
 The last sky
 The last time
 The southern gate
 The storm lady
 The way
 Thinking of you
 Through the wilderness
 Time will
 To fall in love again
 Too late
 Unfair comparations
 Valley of lust
 Walk with the dead
 We shall not fall
 What's love?
 Where are you?
 With you
 Without your love
 Words in the sand
 Would you stay?
 You know